Summer School for Physical Education Teachers 2016
On behalf of the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education (SSPE) of CUHK, it is my great pleasure to be commissioned again to undertake the continuous professional development (CPD) project, namely the “Summer School for PE Teachers (SSPET) 2016”. This is the fifth year that the SSPE has continuously served as the organizer to plan and implement conferences and workshops, and to conduct various action research studies in primary and secondary schools.
As the theme of this project are “Assessment Literacy for PE Teachers” (2016), the SSPE will provide a platform for in-service PE teachers to thoroughly discuss relevant issues and perspectives from conception to implementation. Our team aims to familiarize PE teachers with the latest developments in PE, disseminate good practices, share experiences among PE teachers, and deepen PE teachers’ professional knowledge in learning and teaching in PE, and thereby to continue to serve the professional learning community of PE teachers in Hong Kong. Over the past four years, there were about 300 (approximately 200 secondary school PE teachers; 100 primary school PE teachers) in-service PE teachers who participated in the conference and workshops each year. It is hoped that there will be increasing numbers of in-service PE teachers attending different activities provided by this project in which the following mottos are carried out:

Accumulate Past Knowledge;
Consider Present Demands;
Teach Perspective Needs

I look forward to meeting you all during the conference, and in parallel sessions and workshops.

Professor SUM Kim Wai Raymond
16th March, 2016

Commissioned by the Education Bureau. Copyright©2016 Department of Sports Science and Physical Education
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, All Rights Reserved.