Q1. Is there any special arrangement for the bad weather?
Q2. Are there any car park arrangement or transportation service provided for participants?
No car parks or transportation service will be provided at most of the venues.

Q3. What are the attendance requirements on conference and workshops?
Participants are expected to attain an attendance of 100% of conference and 75% of workshops. Certificate of attendance will be awarded for participants meeting these requirements. The attendance will also contribute to continuing professional development hours recognised by the Education Bureau.

Q4. How to count the attendance rate on conference / workshops if I come late or leave early?
Attendance will NOT be recorded if participants arrive late for more than 30 minutes or leave early without seeking prior consent of the organiser.

Q5. Can I obtain the certificate of attendance if the attendance requirements on conference/ workshops could not be met?
No. We encourage teachers to participate in the rest of the functions.

Q6. If I fail to meet the 100% attendance rate in the conference, will it be included in the "professional development hours"?
No, it will not be included in the "professional development hours".

Q7. If I fail to meet the 75% attendance rate in the workshops, will it be included in the "professional development hours"?
No, it will not be included in the "professional development hours".

Q8. I am a primary school teacher, but by mistake I have picked up the conference for the SECONDAY SCHOOL teacher. How to handle?
If your application is still not approved by the school, you may request the school to cancel the application so that you can re-register the course. If your application is approved by the school, please send the email to hkpetc2122@cuhk.edu.hk, and then we will process your applications. When you receive the email for the rejection of the course, please re-enroll the preferred course. (Same to secondary school teacher)

Q9. When will I know the application result on the programme?
The application result will be sent to applicants via the e-Service Portal Account. Participants are recommended to provide an up-to-date email address on TCS to facilitate communication.