An action research with 8 clearly defined sub-themes will be conducted. It engages practitioners as researchers for the social change. It not only provides a way for academia to contribute to the community, but also provides chances for community to contribute to academic knowledge. It involves more than just problem-solving. It helps to find creative new solutions for long-standing problems. Action research also offers opportunity for developing new patterns of thinking (Whyte, Greenwood & Lazes, 1989).

The action researcher will invite teachers from secondary and primary school to take part in the research. A thorough literature review will be conducted prior to the research cycles.

SA1. Topic: Effect of visual-cognitive technology on students' physical literacy and competence
Co-researcher(s): Mr. NG Man-lung
Participating School: Yan Oi Tong Tin Ka Ping Secondary School
Responsible Researcher(s): Dr. CHOI Siu-ming
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SA2. Topic: Implementing and reviewing ranking system on fitness assessment
Co-researcher(s): Mr. Lai Hung-kit
Participating School: Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School
Responsible Researcher(s): Mr. Cheung Tsz-fai
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SA3. Topic: Promoting Self-directed Practice - Physical Education Assignment under New Normal
Co-researcher(s): Ms. Chan Kam-hung
Participating School: SKH St. Benedict’s School
Responsible Researcher(s): Mr. Chan Ching-lam
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PA1. Topic: Exploring a School Team Training Schedule under New Normal
Co-researcher(s): Mr. AU Ka-lun, Jason
Participating School: La Salle Primary School
Responsible Researcher(s): Mr. LAM Ho Fung
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PA2. Topic: The Possibility of Climbing under the Pandemic
Co-researcher(s): Mr. YIP Chi-ho and Mr. LAU Hiu-fai
Participating School: Pui Ling School of The Precious Blood
Responsible Researcher(s): Ms. MA Man-sum
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PA3. Topic: Analysing the Effect of Online Training on the Performance of Primary School Sport Teams under Pandemic
Co-researcher(s): Ms. MA Yik-sheung, Andie and Mr. Wong Lok-hei
Participating School: Good Hope Primary School Cum Kindergarten (Primary Section)
Responsible Researcher(s): Mr. HO Wai-keung
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PA4. Topic: Discussion on the Application of Handwritten Physical Literacy Journal in PE Lessons
Co-researcher(s): Mr. LI Wang-kwong
Participating School: CCC Kei Faat Primary School (Yau Tong)
Responsible Researcher(s): Mr. CHAN Ching Lam
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PA5. Topic: Discussion on Sports Training Programme and the Related Selection of Physical Fitness Components in Primary School
Co-researcher(s): Ms. TAM Kok-wing, Karin
Participating School: Pui Kiu College
Responsible Researcher(s): Mr. WONG On Tung
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